About ESDB

ICSU-World data System, CODATA, DataCite, CrossRef, Force 11 and other organizations join forces and collaborate for the purpose of facilitation of access to high-quality scientific data for researchers and acknowledgement of the scientific data as valuable result of the research that is used during the creation of scientific products and is to be cited as well as other scientific sources of information such as articles, books etc.

At the same time Earth Science DataBase - ESDB project was started in the Geophysical Center of RAS on the basis of the WDC for Solar-Terrestrial Physics that is the regular member of ICSU-WDS. The focus of ESDB project is on creation of the modern repository system of geophysical data registration, publication and DOI assignment used for unique identification of intellectual property.

The system of registration and publication of geophysical data being created will become a structure for persistent intellectual content identification and management of intellectual content, metadata management, connection of users with content suppliers. Metadata base including detailed description of data itself and information about data producer and data publisher will be formed.

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