Catalogue of Magnetic Storm Families for the period of 1957-1964

Afanasyeva V.I.


A total of 772 of magnetic storm families were placed into the Catalogue for 1957-1964. The main observatory, according to which the Catalogue was compiled, is the Srednikan observatory. The geographic location of this observatory is in the area of influence of the Asian world anomaly that creates some features in the distribution of irregular oscillations of the geomagnetic field (Di - field). In the years of high activity, the periods of greatest Di (active periods) in the Srednikan are alternated with hours of very calm state of the field.

When compiling a catalogue of storm families, attention was drawn to the "sudden commencements" (SC). Sudden commencements of the storm, after which a weak perturbation appeared, were considered as a phenomenon caused by the interaction of the Earth's magnetosphere with the outer periphery of the corpuscular stream. The most difficult in the compilation of the Catalogue was the assignment of each collection to a certain active region of the Sun.

The Catalogue can be considered not only a catalogue of families, as geomagnetic phenomena, but also a catalogue of solar corpuscular flows that interacted with the magnetosphere of the Earth.

The data are stored in the World Data Center for Solar-Terrestrial Physics, Moscow ( The data are freely accessible.

Dataset creation date:  1968; Publication date:  2015 

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Citation:  Afanasyeva V.I. Catalogue of Magnetic Storm Families for the period of 1957-1964. Preprint. Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation, USSR Academy of Sciences. Moscow, 1968. ESDB repository, GC RAS, Moscow,

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