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ULF wave index database

V. Pilipenko1,2, O. Kozyreva1, M. Engebretson3


ULF wave power index is a new geomagnetic index that characterizes the turbulent character of the energy transfer from the solar wind into the upper atmosphere and the short-scale variability of near-Earth electromagnetic fields. This hourly index comprises several sub-indices. The ground ULF index is a proxy of global ULF activity and it is reconstructed from the 1-min data from the world-wide array of magnetic stations in the Northern hemisphere. The geostationary ULF index quantifies the short-term magnetic variability in the region of geosynchronous orb and it is calculated from 3-component magnetometer data from the geostationary GOES spacecraft. To quantify the short-term IMF variability, the interplanetary ULF index is estimated using magnetometer and plasma data from the interplanetary satellites Wind, ACE, and IMP8. The ULF-index database is freely available via website for all interested researchers. The ULF index database has been compiled for the period 1991-2016, and is permanently upgrading.

Database creation date: 1991; Publication date: November 2017

Contributer: 1Institute of Physics of the Earth (IPE), Moscow, Russia
Institution: 2Geophysical Center RAS (GC), Moscow, Russia, 3Augsburg University (AU), Minneapolis, MN USA
Publisher: Geophysical Center RAS (GC), Moscow, Russia (

Citation: Pilipenko V., O. Kozyreva, Engebretson M. (2017). ULF wave index database. ESDB repository, GC RAS, Moscow,

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